Mark Cowne FRGS

Mark is a passionate semi-professional photographer having undertaken commercial assignments for Conde Nast in addition to various studio sessions for clients. However, his real fascination lies in wildlife and related photography and since the mid-1980's has travelled with his wife, Gina, to some of the most beautiful wildlife conservation areas in Africa and around the world capturing a photographic record wherever possible.

Mark is very committed to the work of geographers and environmentalists. He was honoured with a Fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) and, of which, he is immensely proud.

Mark’s favourite equipment is his Canon 1D MkII, his Canon 400m f/1:4 lens and the completely incredible Canon 200mm f/1.8 apparently known and “The Eye of Sauron” which is, unfortunately, no longer in production. “For many years I shot with zoom lenses. Sigma 300mm - 800mm, Canon 100mm - 400mm. But now I have bitten the bullet and invested in some good, fast, fixed focus lenses I am really enjoying the incredible sharpness. I bought my wife, Gina, a fixed focus Canon 300m f/2.8 but it was too heavy for her. I swapped it for a 300mm f/4 and now we are both happy (I am happier)”.